Grizzly Griptape was founded in 2001 when Torey Pudwill started stamping the iconic Bear Logo out of his grip. In 2010, Torey teamed up with Nick Diamond of Diamond Supply co. to bring his products to skateboarders world wide. Backed by some of your favorite professional skateboarders, Grizzly Griptape looks to bring you the best products available. Follow us on our social networks and tag #grizzlygang when you post.




Limited Custom Grip


Limited Jimi Hendrix and Grizzly Bear Griptape by @idea562 is available Feb 11, 2014. 12pm Noon PST. Click here to buy.

Grizzly Griptape Tie-Dye Grip Commerical


New Tie-Dye Grizzly Griptape available now. Click here to buy. Filmed by: Dan Abadi Follow Grizzly griptape @grizzly_griptape Follow Torey @toreypudwill Follow Dan @danabadi


Danny Hamaguchi – Ad


Danny Hamaguchi For Grizzly Griptape – Nollie 360 Flip – Sequence: @SeuTrinh

Grizzly Griptape Commerical – Jorge Ramriez


Grizzly Griptape welcomes Jorge Ramirez (@jorgeramirez) to the team. Check out his commercial skating the famous bump to hydrant in downtown Los Angeles. Filmed by: @DanAbadi


Jorge Ramriez – Ad


Jorge Ramirez for Grizzly Griptape – Hardflip in Downtown Los Angeles. Photo: @SeuTrinh

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